Networks & Partners

UNESCO forms part of a network of UN agencies, inter-governmental groups, and non-governmental or civil society organizations known as the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.

Disaster Reduction in the UN System

  • International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR)
  • United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD)
  • United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE)
  • United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  • United Nations University (UNU)
  • World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
  • Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Other Partners

  • United States Geological Survey (USGS)
  • International Institute of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering (IISEE)
  • International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology
  • International Consortium on Landslides (ICL)
  • ActionAid International
  • Council of Europe
  • Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED)
  • International Federation and Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
  • ProVention Consortium
  • Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)
  • Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC)
  • Centre d'Etude des Risques Géologiques (CERG)
  • European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC)
  • Global Alliance for Disaster Reduction (GADR)
  • International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior (IASPEI)
  • Observatories and Research Facilities for European Seismology (ORFEUS)
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