Third Session of the IPRED (UNESCO-IPRED Workshop on Surveys and Activities of Post Earthquake Disaster and Training of Trainers on Building Back Better)

Dates: 6-8 July 2010
Venue: Ballroom, Pangeran Beach Hotel, Padang, Indonesia

The UNESCO-IPRED Workshop on “Surveys and Activities of Post Earthquake Disaster” and “Training of Trainers on Building Back Better” was held on 6-8 July 2010, organized by the Research Institute for Human Settlements (RIHS), Ministry of Public Works in cooperation with the Provincial Government of West Sumatera, and supported by UNESCO and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The Workshop invited speakers from Indonesian scientists including seismologists, earthquake engineers and building professionals, as well as guest speakers from eight other earthquake-prone countries (Australia, Chile, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Peru, Romania and Turkey). Representatives of UNESCO and JICA also participated and made presentations on their activities for reducing earthquake disasters.

The Workshop especially intended to discuss activities towards post-earthquake reconstruction. It gave a fresh push in a coordinated manner toward the initiatives for public preparedness and rehabilitation of existing buildings. It considered the roles of national and local authorities before, during and after disasters as well as the necessity of more practitioners who are well educated, trained and prepared. It was also discussed the importance of knowledge exchange between seismologists and earthquake engineers.

The Workshop shared lessons learnt from previous major earthquake disasters including recent Chile earthquake. It shared activities for reconstruction of Padang area, including the current JICA project. The participants discussed how to improve structural strength of both engineered buildings and non-engineered ones, both for construction of new buildings and retrofitting of existing ones.

The 3rd session of the IPRED was held during and after the UNESCO-IPRED Workshop.

Dr. Hurukawa of the IISEE made a presentation on his evaluation of the IPRED Action Plans, referring to all the 15 plans. The participants confirmed that the Action Plans have been steadily carried out by the IISEE and other IPRED members; and it was hoped that the Action Plans would continue to be pursued. The participants agreed to contribute to IPRED activities such as peer review of the IAEE guidelines, participation in the ISDR campaigns, etc. Thee participants made intensive discussion on the system of post-earthquake field investigation during the session.

The Session shared the final draft of the Letter of Intent (LoI) between the RIHS and UNESCO in cooperation with the IISEE concerning cooperation for reducing earthquake disaster risks and post-earthquake field investigations as the LoI was scheduled to be signed during the Closing Ceremony of the Workshop. It is a great step toward the dispatch of post-earthquake field investigation teams which would be mainly composed of ex-participants of abovementioned the IISEE international training courses. Most of the IPRED members indicated their wish to sign the similar LoI (or Memorandum of Understanding) with UNESCO and the IISEE in the near future.

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