Sixth Session of the IPRED and UNESCO-IPRED International Memorial Symposium on “Preparing Ourselves for Future Earthquakes”

Dates: 04-07 June 2013
Venue: Centro Peruano-Japonés de Investigaciones Sísmicas y Mitigación de Desastres (CISMID), Lima, Perú

Pre-disaster mitigation and preparation are crucial components of comprehensive disaster risk reduction and are vital in reducing the increasing losses resulting from disasters. In order to discuss how we can reduce the number of casualties and losses caused by earthquakes and tsunamis, the Centro Peruano Japonés de Investigaciones Sísmicas y Mitigación de Desastres (CISMID) Facultad de Ingeniería Civil - FIC Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) co-organized the UNESCO-IPRED international conference on “Preparing Ourselves for Future Earthquakes".

This workshop aimed to examine the outcomes of recent major earthquakes: Japan 2011, Chile and Haiti 2010. Topics of particular interest include the safety issues of communities, public structure and housing safety (building codes). The system of post-earthquake investigation and other activities under the IPRED scheme will also be discussed.

The Sixth Session of the International Platform for Reducing Earthquake Disasters (IPRED) was also held at this time. A field visit to the earthquake-prone area of Pisco was sponsored by CISMID.

New technologies and techniques for disaster reduction were also discussed. These sessions gave a fresh push forward to disaster preparedness and mitigation initiatives in Chile and in the rest of the world.

A Letter of Intent was signed between PUC and UNESCO in cooperation with the IISEE during the workshop’s closing ceremony, (see Appendix 4). Closing remarks were offered by the Head of the PUC department of structural and geotechnical engineering, the Dean of the PUC Faculty of Engineering, and a reppresentative of the UNESCO Office in Santiago, on behalf of its Director.

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