VISUS Pilot Project in El Salvador

The pilot project was launched in August 2013 and implemented in February 2014 at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at the University of El Salvador, in San Salvador. It aims to promote school community engagement in decision‐making processes concerning safe educational facilities in disaster‐prone areas of El Salvador, through school facilities assessment and OpenStreetMap sourcing. The pilot project will contribute to establishing a geo‐spatial inventory of schools to El Salvador National Authorities in order to:

  • Protect children and education workers from death and injury in schools
  • Plan educational strategies in the face of expected hazards
  • Safeguard education sector investments
  • Strengthen a disaster resilient citizenry through education and capacity building

The cross-cutting pilot project involved different sectors of UNESCO (Science, Education and Communication and Information), the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources and the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of the University of El Salvador.


Pilot Project Parters





This project is part of the World Map of UNESCO's Point of Interest (POI) initiative.

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