World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP)

The growing global water crisis threatens the security, stability and environmental sustainability of developing nations. Over the past few decades there has been an increasing acceptance that the management of water resources must be undertaken with an integrated approach, that assessment of the resource is of fundamental importance as the basis for rational decision making and that national capacities to undertake necessary assessments must be fully supported. Management decisions to alleviate poverty, allow economic development, ensure food security and the health of human populations as well as preserve vital ecosystems, must be based on our best possible understanding of all relevant systems. Currently there is no global system in place to produce a systematic, continuing, integrated and comprehensive global picture of freshwater and its management. The UN system has the mandate, credibility and capacity to take on the task of systematically marshalling global water knowledge and expertise to develop the necessary assessment of the global water situation, as the basis for action to resolve water crises. The World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP) focuses on assessing the developing situation of freshwater throughout the world. The primary output of the WWAP is the periodic World Water Development Report. UNESCO hosts the WWAP Secretariat.

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