20.09.2010 - UNESCOPRESS

Extreme weather events are subject of a UNESCO workshop from 27 to 29 September

UNESCO and the World Climate Research Programme (WRCP) are jointly holding a workshop on methods for measuring and forecasting extreme climate-related events. It will be held at UNESCO (Room II) from 27 to 29 September.

Over the past decades, extreme weather and climate events (e.g. floods, heat-waves, drought, hurricanes, sea-level changes, etc) have increased in frequency and intensity. In order to improve our understanding of these phenomena and our ability to predict them, reliable data are needed. However, in many cases, either these data are lacking, or the simulation models are inadequate. This is why it was decided to bring together international climate experts from a range of specialisms (e.g. meteorology, hydrology and oceanography), statisticians and experts in data production (e.g. satellite observation, climate modelling, weather forecasting, etc) at UNESCO.

            The aims of the meeting are to examine existing methods for understanding extreme weather and climate events, to identify areas for improvement in the production of reliable data and to start to develop strategies for forecasting these extreme events.

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