06.06.2012 - Education Sector

UNESCO video: Climate Change Education in a Nutshell

The newly released UNESCO video “Learning to address climate change” shows in four minutes why climate change education is important to shape sustainable development and how it works in practice.

Today our planet hosts seven billion people. At this time, we use far more resources and produce far more greenhouse gases than it can handle. We have to take actions now to ensure that the rights and needs of people around the world in 2050 can still be met. Education can empower us to take these actions.

The video “Learning to address climate change” shows how education can help us understand the causes of climate change. It also gives examples of how teachers and students can get active and address the challenges of climate change. 

Climate change education is one of UNESCO’s focal topics within the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. UNESCO offers support to Member States to address climate change, in particular, through developing learning tools and organising workshops for policy makers and teacher educators.

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