Science Education Programme

© UNESCO/ Diana Mosquera

Capacity in science and technology is a key element in economic and social development. Promoting science education at all educational levels, and scientific literacy in society in general, is a fundamental building block to building a country’s capacity in science and technology. Science education has been a priority for UNESCO since its inception.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics education (STEM) is important for developing and developed countries alike, to increase public awareness, understanding and literacy regarding science, engineering and technology, and also to enable developing countries to build up a critical mass of scientists, researchers and engineers to enable them to participate fully in the global economy. Particular emphasis is given to encouraging young people, and especially young girls, to pursue careers in science.

Science education is a key element in all UNESCO science, education and communication programmes. The programmes work together through the Intersectoral Platform on Science Education, which has highlighted the need for more innovative methods for science teaching to encourage interest in science and engineering.

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