Water education

© UNESCO/R. Sigamoney
The Big Splash, a global school experiment

Although covering two thirds of the Earth’s surface, it is agreed that water is one of our most important resources, and keeping it clean and plentiful is no easy task.

Through scientific education, raising awareness and joint efforts between water-related Institutes and Centers worldwide, UNESCO’s water family implements the programme’s strategic goals.

Chief among these goals is to educate the generation to come about sustainable development, preparing them to be careful thinkers and powerful force of good in the world.

Reaching out to the Member States, the International Hydrological Programme aims to lessen the impact of global changes on water resources, hence leading the sustainability campaign via education: The policy-relevant advice given to Member States can be a facilitator in terms of their development, ensuring that they take a healthy stance on the planet’s progress.

The Water Education that is being administered should provide protection to the water-dependent systems that will be in place for years to come.

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