Education in Biotechnology

A part of the rationale behind the ongoing development of a teaching toolkit on Learning to Deal with New Technologies: The example of Genetically Modified Plants is the education of both the youth and general public on new advances and concepts in the biological sciences and biotechnology with the objective of enabling their informed participation as consumers in the process of decision making.

UNESCO’s activities in the area of microbiology are a special focus of the biotechnology programmes. One such example is the UNESCO-ASM Leadership Grant for International Educators, a joint initiative with the American Society for Microbiology which aims to strengthen microbiology teaching and education at university level through training in the use of innovative teaching online resources and promotes understanding and awareness of work in this field.

The intersectoral approach, which combines elements of education and the use of IT in new and dynamic information delivery modalities, hopes to facilitate the broader participation of scientists from the non-industrialised countries in the global microbiological community, thus promoting advances in this field.

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