29.11.2012 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Quality in Education is the main theme of the 3rd Preparatory Meeting from the World Science Forum 2013

The event that will take place in Manaus (State of Amazonas, Brazil) gathers researchers from all over the country.

The representative of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC), Adalberto Vieyra, stated that Brazil must conquer its challenges in Education in order to advance in Science. His statement was delivered last Tuesday (28/11) at the INPA/MCTI headquarters, in Manaus, during the opening session of the 3rd Preparatory Meeting for the World Science Forum that will take place in Rio de Janeiro in 2013.

During his speech entitled Science and Education for Development, Vieyra remarked that Brazil must invest in education quality, expand access to education and reduce regional discrepancies. “I am absolutely certain that Brazil can only conquer its challenges on Science, technology and innovation if there is an improvement on Education, especially in some regions that I see as a void in Science Education”, he said. (Source: ASCOM/INPA).

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