17.01.2013 - Natural Sciences Sector

The Teaching Resource Kit for Mountain Countries now available in Spanish

© UNESCOMaterial educativo para los países situados en zonas montañosas

With a view to fostering better understanding of mountain ecosystems, the Teaching Resource Kit for Mountain Countries offers a creative approach to environmental education and is designed to arouse pupils' curiosity, to appeal to their artistic sensibilities, and to serve as a tool for more effective transmission of scientific information and environmental knowledge. This environmental education kit is intended for secondary and late primary school teachers and their pupils living in countries in mountain areas, where climate and environmental conditions are harsh, often varying between extremes, and subject to the problems of erosion.

The publication was launched in English and French in 2011 thanks to the generous financial contribution of the Flemish Government of Belgium, and is now available in Spanish under the title ‘Material educativo para los países situados en zonas montañosas’.

The kit is being distributed by the UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet), which comprises nearly 9,000 schools in 180 countries. Teachers interested in the kit should contact the project team: Thomas Schaaf (t.schaaf(at)unesco.org), Chief, Section of Ecological and Biodiversity, Division of Ecological and Earth Sciences, MAB Programme.  

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