UNESCO Office in New Delhi

Cluster Office for Bhutan, India, Maldives and Sri Lanka 

1, San Martin Marg, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi - 110 021

E-mail: newdelhi@unesco.org
Tel:  (91-11) 26111867, 26111869
Fax: (91-11) 26111861

Contact Us


 Office of the Director and UNESCO Representative

Mr Shigeru Aoyagi
Director and UNESCO Representative to India,
Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka
E-mail: newdelhi(at)unesco.org 

Ms  Maria Vaz
Senior Secretary, Director's Office
E-mail: m.vaz(at)unesco.org


Ms Nusrat Jahan
Finance and Administrative Officer 
E-mail:  n.jahan(at)unesco.org

Ms Shalini Kohly
Senior Finance and Administrative Assistant
E-mail: s.kohly(at)unesco.org

Mr Gaurav Chadha
Administrative Assistant
E-mail: c.gaurav(at)unesco.org

Mr Sujata Chowdhury
Administrative Assistant
E-mail: s.chowdhury@unesco.org  

Ms Geetanjali Sagar
Administrative Assistant
E-mail: g.sagar(at)unesco.org 

Ms Bindiya Julious
E-mail: j.bindiya@unesco.org 


Ms Satoko Yano
Programme Specialist in Education
E-mail: s.yano(at)unesco.org 

Ms Huma Masood
National Programme Officer, Gender and Education
E-mail:  h.masood(at)unesco.org

Ms Sarita Jadav
National Programme Officer, HIV and AIDS Education
E-mail: s.jadav@unesco.org      

Mr Girish Joshi
Secretary, Education
E-mail: g.joshi(at)unesco.org


Mr Shailendra Sigdel
Statistical Cluster Advisor
E-mail: s.sigdel(at)unesco.org

Natural Sciences

Mr Guy Broucke
Programme Specialist, Natural Sciences
E-mail: g.broucke(at)unesco.org 

Mr Ram Boojh
National Programme Officer, Ecological Sciences
E-mail: r.boojh(at)unesco.org

Ms Elizabeth Vasu
Programme Assistant, Sciences
E-mail: e.vasu(at)unesco.org

Social and Human Sciences

Ms Marina Faetanini
Section Chief and Programme Specialist for Social and Human Sciences (SHS)
E-mail: m.faetanini(at)unesco.org


Ms Junhi Han
Programme Specialist for Culture
E-mail: j.han@unesco.org

Ms Sngidha Bisht
Programme Officer, Culture
E-mail: s.bisht@unesco.org 

Mr Vijay Raghavan
Programme Assistant, Culture
E-mail: v.raghavan(at)unesco.org

Communication and Information

Mr Al-Amin Yusuph
Adviser for Communication and Information for South Asia
E-mail: a.yusuph(at)unesco.org 

Mr Anirban Sarma
National Programme Officer, Communication and Information
E-mail: a.sarma(at)unesco.org

Ms Ashita Singh
Senior Programme Assistant, Communication and Information
E-mail: a.singh2@unesco.org

Documentation and Public Information

Ms Rekha Beri
Documentalist and Public Information Officer
E-mail: r.beri(at)unesco.org

Ms Nitya Agarwal
Public Information Associate
E-mail: n.agarwal@unesco.org

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