17.03.2017 - UNESCO Office in New Delhi

“Does art matter?” A workshop with arts organisations and visual artists in Kolkata

© Hamdasti

Hamdasti Artists’ Collective, Kolkata, in collaboration with Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities (CSH) Delhi and UNESCO organised a workshop this March called “Does art matter? Evaluating the impact of community art and public art projects” at Makers Loft in Kolkata.

The workshop brought together 14 participants that included visual artists, art spaces in Kolkata like Studio 21, and other arts organisations. The organisations like Hamdasti, Studio 21, and St+Art Foundation presented the community art/public art projects that they have been involved in and spoke about aspects like community involvement in the projects, working with local authorities, attracting diverse audience, etc. 

The workshop was an attempt to understand how public art and community art projects contribute to local communities. It included discussions on issues related to evaluating ‘impact’ of public art projects, whether arts organisations and artists need to necessarily view their projects from the point of view of creating impact or bringing change, and what perhaps could be the potential framework for studying the change their work brings at the local level.

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