25.04.2013 - UNESCO Office in New Delhi

Education For All Global Action Week - Every Child Needs a Teacher

Education for All - Global Action Week happens every year – it’s a moment when children, teachers, parents and the like-minded people around the world unite in their demands for education.  UNESCO New Delhi, UNIC, CARE India and National Coalition for Education (NCE),  the national country representative of  Global Campaign for Education’s (GCE) are organizing several national level campaign activities during the Education for All - Global Action Week.

This year the Education for All  Global action week will be held from, 21 to 27 of April, 2013 and has set the theme “Every Child needs a Teacher”. The campaign every year seeks the opportunity to highlight one area of the Education for All goal and make targeted efforts to achieve change on the ground, with the added support of education campaigners and millions of members of the public worldwide joining together for the same cause.

Education for All Global Action Week 2013 will focus on the global gap in trained, professional teachers, as part of the campaign. The objective of the week is not only to commemorate Education for all Global Action week involving all stake holders on the theme ‘Every Child needs a Teacher’ but also to create awareness among all the stake holders on the theme and advocate with the policy makers on the right of every child to have a "Teacher" and ‘Trained Teacher for All children’. The aim is to attract political, institutional, financial and public support.

The culmination event on "Education for All, Global Action Week 2013" will be co-organized by UNESCO New Delhi and NCE in New Delhi on 25 April 2013. The participants and speakers in the culmination event will be representatives from schools, student community, parent teacher association representatives, teacher unions, parliamentarians, academicians, international NGOs and INGOs, and print and visual media representatives.

Provisional Agenda

Context of the Theme – “Every Child Needs a Teacher"

Research has shown that teachers, more than any other constituent group in education, determine educational quality and student learning outcomes. Due to their proximity to students, well-trained teachers can strengthen scientific and critical thinking skills, promote tolerance, encourage dialogue, improve gender equity, and advance important cultural and social values.While it is widely known that educational access, quality and equity depend on teachers’ skills and commitment; many countries are facing an acute shortage of qualified teachers. Also, in many countries, teachers suffer from poor status, wages and working conditions, and carry out their vital work in deprived and dangerous settings. Teacher shortage represents one of the biggest challenges to achieving the Education for All (EFA) targets. 


Join the  Global Campaign for EDUCATION in raising the voice for Full time Trained Teachers for  Quality  Education 

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