27.11.2012 - UNESCO Office in New Delhi

International Conference on Social Protection: Perspectives and Policies


International Council on Social Welfare, South Asia, with the support of UNESCO, is organizing an International Conference on Social Protection: Perspectives and Policies from 12 to 15 December 2012, in Kerala, to discuss Social Protection issues and to formulate effective social protection schemes. Social protection policies are expected to address insecurities related to the failure to meet basic economic and social needs – requiring promotional policies, as well as those related to unexpected contingencies‐ requiring protective policies (UNESCO‐ICSSR Research Meeting 2010).

The purpose of the conference is to bring together a host of participants from the academia, NGOs, policy making bodies, policy makers and government officials, in order to share the research experiences on the existing programs, best practices, issues, concerns and policies in different parts of the globe, particularly the developing countries, and to submit a policy paper to the Government of India to improve social protection policies in India.

The expected outcome of the event would be to create a network of academicians, activists, and policy makers to deliberate on and to review existing programs vis‐à‐vis their effectiveness for social protection; evolve better clarity about the concept of social protection and its applications to policy and governance; collate suggestions drawn from experiences of other countries, to aid the government in formulating inclusive policies and develop deeper insight into the issues of social protection of marginalized groups.

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