03.07.2014 - UNESCO Office in New Delhi

International Seminar on Higher Education Statistics & Public Information System

The International Seminar on Higher Education Statistics and Public Information was inaugurated by Mr T. C. A Anant, Chief Statistician of India (CSI) and Secretary, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation,  on 3rd July, 2014 at the India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. The Seminar is jointly organized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Planning Commission and UNESCO New Delhi. 

CSI in his speech highlighted the importance of education Statistics and appreciated the efforts made by MHRD in creating comprehensive data-base and taking steps to remove the time-lag. During the inaugural session the following three reports were released:

  • University Compendium (published by Government of India, MHRD)
  • Indian Standard Classification of Education (published by Government of India, MHRD)
  • Higher Education in Asia: Expanding Out and Expanding Up – The rise of graduate education and university research (published by UNESCO Institute of Statistics)

The inaugural session was also addressed by Mr. P. Aggarwal, Advisor, Planning Commission, Mr Shigeru Aoyagi, Director and UNESCO Representative to Bhutan, India, Maldives and Sri Lanka and Mr Rob Kynes, Director of British Council India.  Mr Shigeru Aoyagi, said that “it is important to focus on good quality of education and equipping India with a mass of human capital who can be gainfully employed and can innovate for the development of the country. The Advisor Planning Commission in his address briefly outlined the vision and importance of the seminar.  

The workshop brought prominent statisticians and policymakers from the country and abroad to present on Administrative survey (AISHE), Household surveys, Classification of education institutions, Student Portal and Classification of Education programmes. These presentations and sharing the experiences will focus on the importance of standardization of the concept, definition and target age groups by providing real examples of current issues. The workshop will examine the difference/similarity between household surveys (e. g. NSSO 2007-08) and administrative surveys (e. g. AISHE) and will identify the ways to harmonize between two types of surveys by using Indian Standard Classification of Education.

The main objectives of the Seminar are: (i) share the importance of standardization of concept and definition of education statistics; (ii) share and learn from international experiences of quality, coverage and use of education statistics; managing student portal; and classification of higher education institutes; (iii) identify the key issues on the concept, definition between administrative and household surveys on education statistics and identify the next steps to harmonize it; (iv) make consensus among the different actors working/using education statistics on the concept, definition and other methodological issues.

The expected outcomes of the workshop are to identify next steps, roles and responsibilities for all stakeholders to harmonize the concept, definition, strength, limitations and other methodological aspects of calculating education indicators to make it nationally and internationally comparable; and understanding of the importance, contents, indicators and framework of student portal and higher education institutions classification.

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