23.02.2017 - UNESCO Office in New Delhi

Speaking in One Voice: A Consortium for Community Radio Stakeholders

On World Radio Day 2017, representatives of community radio (CR) stations, federations, networks, and organizations and individual experts working on community media development came together in New Delhi to express their solidarity and agree on a set of common priorities for the Indian community radio sector.

Following a landmark roundtable hosted by UNESCO, around 20 CR stakeholders adopted a ‘Declaration of Shared Purpose and Common Advocacy Programme for the Indian Community Radio Sector’

The roundtable and the Declaration were a response to the oft expressed need for a consortium that would allow CR stakeholders to consolidate positions and work collectively to strengthen India’s CR sector.

The Declaration acknowledged the diversity of challenges and opportunities confronting CR stations, and advocacy and capacity building institutions in the country; and noted the need for continuous expansion and improvement of legislation related to the CR sector. It also recognized the need for the sector to create dialogue and linkages with a broader range of peaceful, people-centric movements and organizations working on CR development.

Signatories to the Declaration resolved to:

  • Work together to develop mechanisms to facilitate the sharing of resources for the enablement and betterment of CR.
  • Work in close cooperation to initiate and continue discussions with the Government of India to strengthen: (a) The application and licensing process for CR; (b) The allocation of resources by the Government and other agencies for CR; and (c) The allocation of spectrum and frequency for CR stations.
  • Establish a joint working mechanism including a consultative consortium that would coordinate actions, viewpoints and advocacy imperatives for the CR sector.
  • Follow the joint action plans developed by the consortium in the individual organizations, federations, associations and networks that make up the consortium.
  • Share the joint action plans created by the consortium with the larger sector and drive the CR movement in India forward.

A number of other key stakeholders in the CR space are also currently in the process of adopting the Declaration.

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