18.07.2019 - UNESCO Office in New Delhi

The Martial Arts Open School comes to India

The International Centre of Martial Arts for Youth Development and Engagement, under the auspices of UNESCO (UNESCO ICM) organizes the 3rd Martial Arts Open School Project 2019, which is bringing martial arts to Indian youth at the Korean Cultural Centre in New Delhi. These practices, particularly charged with history and cultural values, are a powerful tool for youth development, leadership and community engagement as they aim to train and develop the mind, body and spirit.

The programme spans over two months, from 8 June to 16 August 2019, and provides training free of cost to the participants. The Korean Cultural Centre in New Delhi provided the venue for the programme. In its third leg in India, Thailand and Ghana, the Martial Arts Open School programme continues with the hope of instilling the values of peace and reconciliation in the participants. In 2017, the first Martial Arts Open School was held in countries where schools had no physical education classes.  
The Martial Arts Open School Project is led by the International Centre of Martial Arts for Youth Development and Engagement under the auspices of UNESCO (UNESCO ICM), a specialized institution from the Republic of Korea, associated with UNESCO and contributing to its mandate. This youth development project brings to India martial arts experts to provide martial arts training to youth and women, free of cost.

Beyond the Martial Arts Open School, UNESCO ICM offers projects designed to encourage social development with the following key objectives:

  • Facilitate physical and emotional development to achieve the UNESCO Kazan Action Plan that advocates for “Sports for All” and the UN SDGs.
  • Increase interest in and development of traditional martial arts, registered in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. 

About UNESCO ICM: the UNESCO International Centre of Martial Arts for youth development and engagement (UNESCO ICM) was launched based on the 37th UNESCO General Conference and the agreement between the Government of the Republic of Korea and UNESCO, Paris in 2015. The main objective of the Centre is to contribute to youth and women’s empowerment and engagement by using martial arts activities and martial arts philosophies and cultural values. In order to fulfil its mandate, the centre promotes research and knowledge sharing, carry out capacity building programmes for youth, and foster North-South cooperation for co-hosting martial arts projects.
For more information, please contact:

Chang-hee HAN, International Cooperation Team, UNESCO ICM (ch.han(at)unescoicm.org)

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