10.07.2019 - UNESCO Office in New Delhi

UNESCO Education Report presented to the Vice-President of India

On 10 July 2019, the UNESCO New Delhi team, led by its Director Eric Falt met the Hon’ble Vice President of India,  Shri Venkaiah Naidu at his residence to present its recent publication titled: N for Nose: State of the Education Report for India 2019 - Children with Disabilities.

While presenting the publication, Eric Falt informed the Vice President that the 2019 report is the first of its kind published by UNESCO New Delhi which highlights accomplishments and challenges with regards to the right to education of children with disabilities (CWDs). Based on extensive research of national and international documents of reference, it provides comprehensive and detailed information on the current state of education of CWDs and submits ten key recommendations.  He also mentioned that a number of successful schemes set forth by the Indian government have been highlighted in the report.

In response, the Vice President lauded the team’s efforts in producing such a detailed report and expressed interest in the findings of the research. He also stated that the Government of India is open to new ideas pertaining to inclusive education and would be pleased to know more about the best practices applied globally.   He said, "the report comes at a very opportune moment, with India formulating a New Education Policy.  It will provide useful inputs to the new policy & enrich its outcomes in the years to come. it will help India take decisive steps towards inclusive, equitable and quality education for all."

When talking about CWD’s, the Vice President Naidu said, “In India we believe children with disabilities are blessed with exceptional abilities by God in order to compensate for their disabilities.”  “While It is important to make the lives of children with disabilities comfortable, it is also important to make them independent and allow them to stand on their own”, he further added. 

Taking the opportunity, Eric Falt, also congratulated the Vice President on the recent inscription of Jaipur to the UNESCO’s World Heritage List, which is the 38th Indian site to be included in the list.   

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