28.10.2011 - UNESCO Office in New Delhi

UNESCO/UNICEF Workshop on Internal Migration and Human Development in India

UNESCO and UNICEF have partnered to organize a national workshop on ‘Internal Migration and Human Development in India’ in New Delhi to be held on 6 and 7 December, 2011.

The two-day UNESCO-UNICEF National Workshop, 'Internal Migration and Human Development’, advanced knowledge on internal migration in India, addressed research gaps on the issue, and uncovered areas for further research. The workshop highlighted existing creative practices and strategies, at the community level in particular, that can inform policies designed to respond to the multiple challenges faced by internal migrants across the country. Emphasis was placed on examining the experiences and needs of the most vulnerable sections of the migrant population, with particular attention being given to the impacts of migration on child well being and women. 

Specific objectives: 

  • Increase visibility and recognition of internal migration in India, which has thus far remained a neglected government priority, in both policy and practice;
  • Disseminate evidence-based research, experience and practices, as well as initiatives in law and urban planning that can strengthen migrants’ rights and responsibilities;
  • Promote understanding of the vulnerabilities faced by children in the context of family migration and independent migration and identify policy gaps and strategies that can address these vulnerabilities
  • Draw the attention of policy makers towards the urgency to protect and promote migrants’ rights and ensure their social inclusion in the cities;
  • Develop a roadmap for the coordination of strategic interventions for a protective policy framework for internal migrants in India

To download the Final Agenda and Concept Note click here 

Coming soon - The Workshop Compendium 2012

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