Indian Heritage Cities Network

Protect Uniqueness of Indian Cities 

India’s unique cultural heritage lies in its cities, towns and settlements with millennium old crafts, rituals and festivals.  Rapid urbanization, along with the influence of globalization, has in recent times accelerated the pace of change in all aspects of Indian life, and particularly in urban settlements. India’s cities and towns find themselves under pressure to accommodate rapidly growing population, with all the demands on technology and public services and utilities this entails. 

If Indian cities and towns are not strengthened to cope with these abrupt changes and transformations, the uniqueness and diversity of the cultures that exist in them will soon be lost forever, and they risk becoming homogeneous and monotonous. 

UNESCO New Delhi office launched in 2006 the Indian Heritage Cities Network (IHCN) programme to provide a platform for advocacy, capacity building and exchange of ideas of Indian cities to protect their unique heritage in their development process.  As a brainchild of this programme, an officially registered Indian body with the name of Indian Heritage Cities Network Foundation (IHCN-F) emerged in 2009.  Henceforth, UNESCO New Delhi has signed an official partnership agreement with IHCN-F to work jointly towards the protection of urban heritage.    

What we are doing 

  • Development of guidelines and tool for heritage based urban development
  • Design heritage walk  
  • Heritage DPR trainings and hand holding for the municipalities 
  • International exchange with European cities
  • Public awareness raising  

News on our Activities




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