World Heritage Convention & Heritage Sites

Qutub Minar (New Delhi, India)

One of the most popular conventions of UNESCO, the 1972 Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage provides an effective guideline for the Member States to develop and implement policy framework for conservation of heritage properties.  Since the inception of the Convention, the definition of heritage has expanded from that of monument and archaeological  site to include living cities and cultural landscape.  In this new context, heritage management is no more an isolated discipline of just restoring and conserving  physical buildings but it is part of urban regeneration.  It is no more about preserving the past but to manage the changes to respond to the need of the cities to evolve.  

UNESCO New Delhi office, through its network of heritage experts, provides technical support to the State parties to the Convention to meet this complex challenge of heritage preservation.    

The World Heritage Convention in South-Asia :

                                                                          (Data as of December 2018)

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