13.11.2015 - Natural Sciences Sector

Global Survey on Building Policies and Earthquake Safety

©Tomoya Matsui. Post-earthquake field investigations. Bohol, Phillipines, 2014.

In line with of the Sendai Framework for Action (2015 – 2030), the recent successor of the Hyogo Framework for Action, UNESCO is taking the lead on securing building safety and earthquake-resilience. UNESCO hosts and organizes a broad range of policy development activities, scientific networking events and capacity building projects.

To complement these activities, the section on Earth Sciences and Geo-Hazards Risk Reduction launched a survey to collect country-specific information related to building policies and earthquake safety. The collected information will serve as the foundation for an improved understanding of the issue and will help to improve earthquake safety and building policies in earthquake-prone countries worldwide.

In particular, the survey is focusing on building codes, building control, retrofitting, land use policies, building statistics, earthquake insurance and professional development of architects and engineers. It is directed towards a broad range of building professionals and earthquake specialists who are active in ministries, engineering associations and non-governmental organizations.

We are kindly requesting to distribute this survey to professionals with expertise on the subject. More information on the background, structure and practical aspects of the survey can be found on the website below.

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Update: this survey is now closed.

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