25.09.2012 - Natural Sciences Sector

Survey on Carbon in Biosphere Reserves

© Conservation International/photo by Giuseppe Di CarloRestored mangroves around a shrimp farm in Batangas, Verde Island Passage, Philippines.

The MAB Secretariat is presently working with Terra Global Capital to take stock of opportunities to assist biosphere reserves with access to financial resources through the development and marketing of REDD+ projects for the rapidly expanding carbon markets.

If you believe that your biosphere reserve might have good potential for carbon investments, we would like to encourage you to complete this survey (Access to the survey).

Deadline extended to 30 September at the latest.

The results from the survey will form the basis for the MAB Secretariat to recommend high potential sites to potential carbon market investors.

Terra Global Capital is dedicated to the land-use carbon sector, and combines in-depth technical and financial expertise to facilitate the market for land-use offsets. Through a process of collaboration and transparency, Terra Global supports governmental, NGO, community, and private entities to develop carbon assets and secure funding to sustainably manage landscapes. Terra Global’s work supports carbon measurement, methodology development, validation/verification and sale of credits under credible market standards. With initial funding from the UN Foundation, Terra Global is assisting UNESCO in evaluating the potential for land-use carbon revenue to be generated in specific biosphere reserves that are part of the WNBR.

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