Under Patronage of UNESCO logo English version
  • Patronage is a form of UNESCO’s support for those activities that are entirely organized by other entities. UNESCO is not responsible for these activities and does not involve itself in them.
  • UNESCO’s patronage may be granted to a range of activities, such as producing cinematographic and audiovisual works, publishing books, organizing congresses, meetings and conferences, awarding prizes, and other national and international events.
  • Patronage must be limited in time. It may be granted to one-off or regularly repeated activities. In the latter case, a new request for authorization is required for each repeated activity.
  • Patronage cannot be granted to:
    • personalities
    • organizations
    • permanent activities
    • activities/projects that are evolving continuously (the terms of use of UNESCO’s name and logo for such activities/ projects should be specified by a Contractual Arrangement)
  • There are two levels for UNESCO’s patronage:
    • Patronage granted by the National Commissions for UNESCO for activities of national scope;
    • Patronage granted by the UNESCO Secretariat for activities of significant international or regional scope.
  • The use of UNESCO's name and logo in the framework of patronage is strictly under the General conditions in connection with patronage.
  • In order to deal with requests for the use of UNESCO’s name and logo effectively, UNESCO has appointed a member of staff in each of its programme sectors to act as a Focal Point to coordinate the use of the name and logo and to act as your point of contact.
  • There are seven steps to requesting the use of UNESCO’s name and logo under patronage.
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