25.06.2018 - Montevideo UNESCO Office

News for Latin America and the Caribbean from the IHP Council in Paris

On 11-15 June the XIII Meeting of the Intergovernmental Council of IHP took place in the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. We take notice of some of the resolutions that have direct impact on the Region.

The 23th Session of the IHP Intergovernmental Council took place at the UNESCO Headquarters, in Paris. The LAC Members of the Council are Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Guatemala, Paraguay and Peru. Several other countries of the region – such as Mexico and Uruguay – participated as observers through their Permanent Delegations to UNESCO.

Senegal was elected for the presidency of the Council. Cuba, represented by Ms Yosmary Gil, was elected for the vice-presidency, representing also LAC at the IHP Bureau. Paraguay was elected to the IHP Council Resolutions Drafting Committee and Guatemala to the Finance Committee.

Some Centres and UNESCO Chairs from the region also participated. Mr Miguel Doria, IHP Regional Hydrologist for LAC presented the activities in the region and served as secretary of the Resolutions Drafting Committee.

The Council adopted several resolutions with relevance to the region, including the evaluation of the VIII phase of IHP, the preparations for the IX phase of the Programme and a proposal to update the statutes of the Council and changing the name of IHP into Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme.

The Council endorsed a proposal by Uruguay to establish a regional category 2 Center on Experimental Technologies for Sanitation. The Council also approved the proposal of Mexico for an International Land Subsidence Initiative, the establishment of a Water Museums Network, the continuation of the World Large Rivers Initiative and support to the designation of 2020 as International Year of Snow and Ice.

The Council also decided to initiate work with a view of defining a Water Education indicator for SDG6. The Secretariat and the UNESCO Water Family will now proceed with the implementation of these resolutions, which open new room to strengthen the Programme and for our contribution to achieve the SDGs.

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