04.10.2019 -

With the support of UNESCO, Latin America moves towards its integration in the maps of brain initiatives in the world

From August 30 to September 1, 2019, the initial meeting of the LATBrain Initiative was held in Montevideo (Uruguay).

It was organized by the Clemente Estable Biological Research Institute of Uruguay (IIBCE), with the institutional support of UNESCO and the sponsorship of the Neurosciences Society of Uruguay, as well as the Basic Sciences Programme (PEDECIBA) and the National Academy of Sciences of Uruguay .

The initiative was the initial kick towards the realization of a common regional Brain Project that pursues the creation of original knowledge in neurosciences not only of local but also global interest. This will contribute to an advance of neuroscience on equal terms with the initiatives existing brain and the positioning of LaTBrain on the world map of brain initiatives.

In the words of Dr. María E. Castelló, Associate Research Professor at IIBCE: “Despite a long tradition of contributions, Latin American neuroscience is absent from the map of brain initiatives in the world. It seems as if the continent is slowly waking up and beginning to appreciate the importance and need of neuroscience research for the progress of all societies. "She also highlighted recent initiatives, such as the Cuban Brain Project, networks such as LABMAP or Network of Argentine Neuroscience, and the Institutes of the Brain as the Brazilian Institute of Brains of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, and expressed in this regard that these “represent the tip of the iceberg of a community of insightful and creative neurosciences that would be enhanced for its organization around a Latin American Brain Project: the LATBrain Initiative. ”

About 50 Latin American neuroscientists related to the study of the nervous system at the basic and clinical levels were invited, representatives of national initiatives or existing thematic networks and brain institutes. All of them are inspirers of the importance of neurosciences on the one hand and as models of international strategies, both recent and long-standing.

IBRO-LARC, FALAN, BRAIN Initiative (Yuste, R), Australian Brain alliance and networks and institutes of Neurosciences in the Region were represented.

Among the achievements of the meeting is the Declaration of Intent to create a Latin American Brain Initiative (available here)

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