Our strategy

The implementation of the programmes and projects of the UNESCO Office in Montevideo implies the use of different modalities of cooperation, reflected through initiatives, projects and programmes that fulfil the five functions of UNESCO:

Function 1: Laboratory of ideas.

Methodological developments. The aim is to stimulate the development of methodologies, guidelines and manuals, emphasizing interdisciplinarity, multi-dimensionality and complexity of problems, plurality of criteria and explicit consideration of multiple options.

Function 2: developing and strengthening the global agenda in its areas of competence

Multinational cooperation. It consists of the horizontal transfer of knowledge and experience between institutions in different countries of the region and the promotion of multinational activities.

Subsidiarity. Our office seeks to complement the local effort by contributing with technical advice or partial financing, and collaborates in the identification, formulation and execution of projects and programs at the local or regional level.

Concentration of efforts and seed money. We have the necessary tools and expertise to facilitate the concentration of actions on key areas or problems, particularly in relatively less developed countries. We also provide support in the identification and formulation of operational projects.

Function 3: Information dissemination

Information exchange and dissemination. We support the regional exchange and dissemination of information, we are involved in the publication of original studies and research and strategic information. At the same time, it promotes the continuous updating of specialized regional databases and institutional directories and the creation of regional websites.

Function 4: Capacity building

Training of excellence. We collaborate through the organization of regional training courses at the postgraduate level, of an interdisciplinary nature with academic excellence.

Function 5: Strengthen international and regional cooperation Inter-agency cooperation.

The UNESCO Office in Montevideo also implements projects and activities jointly with other international cooperation agencies (Agencies, Programmes and Funds of the United Nations System, CYTED, IDRC, IDB, among others) in order to speed up the effectiveness and relevance of these actions. Since 2007, it has been part of the United Nations Reform Process (One UN) of which Uruguay is a pilot country. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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