How we work

In recent years, the Montevideo Office has seen its functions and responsibilities, both sectoral and geographical, increase considerably.

First, it continues to be UNESCO's Regional Bureau for Science in Latin America and the Caribbean. For more than sixty years it has been working to strengthen scientific, technological and innovation policies and to ensure international cooperation in the various environmental sciences (water resources, ecology, earth sciences, oceanography), basic sciences, engineering and science policy. It has also had a Regional Programme on Bioethics and Ethics of Science for some years. It is also the seat of the Regional Councillor for Social and Human Sciences for the region.

Secondly, it is the UNESCO Office for MERCOSUR (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) and Chile. In this regard, the Office should plan, implement and/or coordinate the Organization's action in these countries and for the subregion as a whole as MERCOSUR, in all UNESCO sectors and fields of competence, in close cooperation with the existing Offices in Brasilia and Santiago de Chile, as well as with the International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) in Buenos Aires. It is also responsible for UNESCO's representation and collaboration with the MERCOSUR Secretariat based in Montevideo and its relevant bodies.

Thirdly, as the UNESCO Office in Montevideo, it assumes the functions of national office (representation, planning and execution of the programme) for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Since 2007, the Office has been part of the United Nations reform process in what has been called the One United Nations, as Uruguay is one of the eight pilot countries facing the challenge of carrying out programmes jointly with the other agencies of the United Nations system in order to achieve greater integration and efficiency in cooperation. Translated with

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