Education policy and planning

It is crucial to elaborate coherent policies and plans, in order to reach concrete and sustainable changes in educational systems as to achieve quality education for all. The Montevideo bureau in coordination with the Regional Bureau of Education for Latin America and the Caribbean, in Santiago de Chile, seek to have quality education for all in this region.

UNESCO supports countries both, in the making of solid and relevant policies in education, and on its efficient application.

UNESCO’s actions regarding education policy and planning are diverse. The organizations reviews policies on the education sector, supports the development and strengthening of educational planning in agreeance with SDG 4 , and develops information systems with quality data in order to improve the education management. Furthermore, UNESCO is resorted to in order to rebuild and reform educational systems after natural disasters or armed conflicts.

In this area, the Regional Bureau collects and promotes innovations and good practices in education carried out throughout the word and carries out efforts for developing capacities in decision making in educational policies based on evidence.

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