Regional Strategy on Teachers

Since 2010, the UNESCO Bureau of Education for Latin America and the Caribbean, in Santiago de Chile, promotes the Regional Strategy on Teachers’ that focuses on three areas: teachers’ initial training, continuous professional development, and teachers’ training.

The Regional Strategy on Teachers has allowed for the diagnosis of the current state of teachers throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and the most urgent challenges. Through its 10th Goal , the 2030 Education Agenda has gotten a new thrust given that its analysis, materials and recommendations have allowed the making of guidelines for designing public policies related to teachers.

The Regional Strategy on Teachers produced knowledge that allows to shorten information gaps. Based on this new knowledge, criteria and capacities that contribute to strengthening the decision-making process regarding teachers have been developed. UNESCO offers specialized technical assistance to those countries willing to elaborate a consensual action plan in order to improve teacher-related policies.

UNESCO Montevideo works in coordination with educational institutions and public entities in order to put the Regional Strategy on Teachers in practice and to adapt education to the guidelines produced by UNESCO



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