Education and ICTs

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have the ability to complement, enrich and transform education.

UNESCO as United Nations’ main organization for education, orientates the international conduct with the objective of helping countries understand the role ICT can play in accelerate advancements towards achieving the SDG 4 as established on the Qingdao Declaration.

The Montevideo Bureau works as a multi-country office and coordinates activities in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay; in agreeance with the Regional Bureau of Education for Latin America and the Caribbean, located in Santiago de Chile. UNESCO Montevideo works with multiple partners and regional actors to facilitate the universal access to education, reduce differences in learning, support teachers development, improve quality and relevance of learning, reinforce integration and perfect management and education administration.

UNESCO searches for successful examples of ICT aplications to the pedagogic task –in low-budget schools as well as in universities and professional teaching centers- working towards the making of policies and guidelines.

Through activities to promote capacities, technical advisory, publications, investigations and international conferences, UNESCO helps governments and interested parties to rely on ICT in order to encourage learning

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