Welcome to our Publication section.

In this section you will find the work done by committed citizens that care about the democratization of knowledge, in Literature as much as in Science – for example the DAR Series in Uruguay and Paraguay as well as team work reflections – for instance “Fronteras y Culturas, Roturas y Costuras” (Borders and Cultures, Fractures and Seams), or doing methodological training, like “Reflexiones de Diseño de proyectos productivos asistidos” (Reflections for productive assisted project designs) or lifelong learning like “Secadores Solares” (Solar Driers), “Manual de Hierbas Medicinales” (Medicinal Plants Guide), among others.

All publications have been part of a whole which is more integrated into the concept of lifelong learning. In this way, we provide access to quality information from a practice community. Have a good reading!

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