The DAR (Docentes Aprendiendo en Red) Workbooks Series – Network learning for Teachers

These series of publications are the tangible result of an educative intervention design conceived by UNESCO to innovate teachers’ professional training, which is conjointly developed with selected associates from Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The conception offers a structure for a joint work of Science teachers (Argentina and Uruguay) and Literature Teachers (Paraguay) with researchers from university.

The teams work for a school year, learn from a topic and make the Workbooks: DAR. The design and its results meet the requirements to delve into the issue in question and to offer possibilities of improvement for teachers.

This learning process in all its forms (subject matters, shared environment, and interdisciplinarity) focuses on the concept that has the teacher learning along with the researcher.

Teachers are the final workbook addressees. In each class, there is a coordinator who plays an important part in the success of this educational intervention. With our help, they have carried out a critical analysis of the process and have managed to guide the complex relationships, contributing to conflict resolution and achieving the best possible documentation.

Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay have developed a cooperation core idea among researchers and teachers, supporting scientific knowledge improvement for teachers that is made available with open-access for teachers and the public in general.

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