Selected publications from the region

    • 3rd Global Report on Adult Learning and Education
      The impact of adult learning and education on health and well-being; employment and the labour market: and social, civic and community life. (2016)
      Key messages and executive Summary

    • Quality education for all: A Human Rights Issue.
      Educational policies within the framework of the II Intergovernmental Meeting of the Regional Project in Education for Latin America and the Caribbean (EFA/PRELAC). Background document (2007, Argentina.
      (Download pdf)

    • The State of Education in Latin America and the Caribbean: guaranteeing Quality Education for All (no English version available) 
      Situación Educativa de América Latina y el Caribe: garantizando la Educación de Calidad para Todos.
      Informe Regional de Revisión y Evaluación del Progreso de América Latina y el Caribe hacia la Educación para Todos en el marco del Proyecto Regional de Educación (EPT/PRELAC) -2007. Descargar el documento (descargar pdf)

    • Student Achievement in Latin America and the Caribbean. 
      Results of the Second Regional Comparative and Explanatory Study. (SERCE)
      (Executive Summary)

    • Technical report: Second Regional Comparative and Explanatory Study: The learning processes of students from Latin America and the Caribbean (no English version available)
      Reporte Técnico. Segundo estudio regional comparativo y explicativo. Los aprendizajes de los estudiantes de América Latina y el Caribe
      . (download pdf)

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