Right to Education and Literacy

Education is a fundamental Human Right placed at the core mission of UNESCO; it is one guiding principle that supports the 2030 Education Agenda, as well as the SDG 4 , adopted by the international community.

However, millions of children and adults continue being deprived of educational opportunities, in many cases due to social, cultural and economic factors. Given its enabling characteristic, education is a key instrument that allows socially and economically outcast children and adults to exit poverty and to participate actively in civil life.

Furthermore, the path towards eradicating illiteracy is through education. Literacy is a Human Right, essential for a permanent learning and the improvement of the quality of life. Moreover, literacy is an ingrained part of the Right to Education. However, the concept of literacy should be understood beyond the read-and-write ability, and include digital and scientific literacy. The new technologies are present in our daily routines, and although they provide new and wider opportunities to improve our lives, it can outcast those lacking of basic competences needed to use them.



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