• Management of disasters relating to water in the Caribbean islands: A workshop was held in Havana (Cuba) in cooperation with the Regional Office for Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean, in order to determine the research needs and technical knowledge to deal with extreme hydro-meteorological events. Results will be used to shape the new agenda for the next biennium in Aruba, Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Other interventions will be expected, in particular in Aruba where there is a lack of safe water and a high level of exposure to floods.
  • Increase society´s resilience to natural catastrophic risks in Chili, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay: those countries are part of the ENHANS project (Enhancing Resilience facing Natural Risks in South America), which goal is to develop and apply methods and tools to achieve changes on/in vulnerabilities and risks. Working with national institutions, NGOs and rural communities, the project has for goal to create a society that is capable of coexisting with natural disaster risks and reduce its impact on people´s life, on infrastructures and economic activities. While the first three countries will center on multiple risks (floods, droughts, landslides, volcanos and earthquakes), the fourth one will mainly center on improving national capacity to face extreme water-related events.
  • Evaluation of the progress made on risk management in Uruguay: upon request of the Government of Uruguay, UNESCO took part of the United Nations System mission led by UNISDR. The objective of the mission was to evaluate the country´s progress in emergency response management after the creation of the National Emergency System in 2010, and to evaluate the progress made in incorporating risk management with regards to public policy. This opportunity also served to establish a base for the implementation of the Sendai Framework and the implementation of indicators to be approved in the future.
  • Group of UNESCO consultant experts in disaster risk management for Latin America and the Caribbean: The main goal of this group of experts is to support UNESCO in accordance with its mission and vision in consolidating risk management as a multi and interdisciplinary approach. This configuration seeks to contribute to strengthening/the strengthening of a conceptual framework, to suggest lines of action, to create work lines in order to support the countries of the region, to capitalize the various efforts undertaken, to help and put forward the transversalization of the risk issue in the region, and to promote a multidisciplinary approach to provide tools to the countries that prone to minimize the impacts through implementing/the implementation of public policies.

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