Regional Cooperation on STI policies

UNESCO Montevideo, in cooperation with other national and regional institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), has launched a Strategic Regional Programme (PER) of STI policy/policies that offers a series of regional activities and strategies, and puts forward priorities for cooperative action in LAC.

This Strategic Regional Programme defines the pillars for taking action at a regional scale, allowing to build a common space for science, technology and innovation within the region. The Programme enables the region to establish a dialogue with other regions from the world, through exchange sharing and above all through defending the position of Latin America and the Caribbean in global forums, like the World Science Forum which was held in 2013 in Brazil, for the first time outside of Budapest.

The Strategic Regional Programme recognizes the “Declaration of Latin America and the Caribbean for the tenth anniversary of the World Science Conference” as key background/precursor, a milestone in the process of Regional Forums convened by UNESCO since 2009 and conducted in Mexico and Argentina.

The results of a series of sub regional forums subsequently carried out provided PER with specific contents, reflecting the priorities and propositions of the distinctive sub-regions. The ICSU-UNESCO Regional Workshop toward Rio+20 also significantly contributed to linking the Programme’s contents with the Sustainable Development issue, toward which the regional policy of STI should be oriented.

The Strategic Regional Programme is built around five pillars:

  • Strategic management of information - Promoting regional activities of R+D
  • Capacity building for the management of R+D
  • Reflection on the STI+R policy
  • Coordination and regional and international cooperation strengthening



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