Hydrological Security in Latin America and the Caribbean

Fresh water is a vital resource for humanity, necessary for all social, economic and environmental activities. As a basic ingredient for the existence of life on earth, fresh water is an influential factor in social and technological development, social welfare, and cooperation or conflicts. It is essential for achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

The International Hydrological Programme (IHP), currently in its eighth phase, is the intergovernmental scientific cooperation programme of UNESCO regarding water resource research, management, education, and capacity building. IHP is the only scientific programme within the United Nations with a comprehensive approach on this issue.

In compliance with its objectives and through its mechanisms, the programme has been implemented on a global scale. From the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Sciences in Latin America and the Caribbean, located in Montevideo, Uruguay, the IHP implements both regional and local measures, engaging with the countries in the region via the IHP National Focal Points, with the support of UNESCO´s Water Family, and in coordination with UNESCO´s headquarters and other Offices from the region.

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