UNESCO Centers of excellence for water

The Water-related centers (Category II) and the Chairs under the auspices of UNESCO linked to specific issues in water resources within the academic field are one of the other pillars of the programme.

The water-related centers under the auspices of UNESCO work on the relevant geographical and thematic priorities in their fields of expertise, in Latin America and the Caribbean. They are listed here:

  • CAZALAC (Chile) - Water Center for Arid and Semi-arid Zones of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • CIH (Brazil-Paraguay) - International Center on Hydroinformatics
  • HidroEx (Brasil) - International Center for Education, Capacity-Building and Applied Research in Water
  • CEHICA (Dominican Republic) - Regional Center for the Sustainable Management of Water Resources in the Caribbean Island States
  • CeReGAS (Uruguay)- Regional Center for the Management of Groundwater Resources
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