III Seminario Regional de CNB, Montevideo, Agosto de 2017

The Latin American and Caribbean Network of National Bioethics Committee was formed in 2011 during the First Regional meeting of National Bioethics Committees, in Santo Domingo.

The meeting was organized by the UNESCO Regional Bioethics Programme (Montevideo Office) and its goal was to promote the implementation of NBC in the countries of the region, to consolidate/strengthen the committees that are already operating/in place and to foster exchange between the different countries so that initiatives and (the) distinctive activities can be boosted/reinforced.

The Second Regional NBC Meeting took place in 2015 in the city of San Salvador where the representatives of various countries met to dialogue, debate, learn from each other, and share the different work experiences that may be useful to others.

Reunión de San Salvador, setiembre de 2015

The meeting concluded with the signing of the San Salvador Commitment, where 23 country representatives from Latin America and the Caribbean committed to achieve/the achievement/achieving (of) common objectives and to contribute to the full functioning of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of NBC.

The goal of this website is to present each country´s contribution and to be a basis of/for the exchange of experiences, regulations and other considerations decided by the Network.

The Network will put in place a meeting every two years in the region and will also participate in global events to share its experience, like the global meeting of NEC (National Ethics Committee) organized by WHO with the collaboration of UNESCO in Berlin 2016 (Global Summit of National Ethics Committee), where it will be represented by its vice-president.

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