Publications on Bioethics Issues

UNESCO Base Programme of Studies on Bioethics

The Base Programme of Studies on Bioethics/Bioethics Core Curriculum is a document elaborated by a committee of experts founded by UNESCO which goal is to provide a structure as a curricular basis for the construction of educational programmes in bioethics, in particular in/for undergraduate programs.

The Curriculum can be used as a common content base, and with an implementation methodology for teachers, it can be implemented not only within the academic field but also to train committee members or professionals seeking to develop advisory task, in bioethics, health research ethics or science ethics. Yet, the material quality and the conceptual clarity of the content also make it possible to be used/also allow it to be used in training and designing/design of postgraduate training programmes.

It includes two volumes: the first one is the teacher manual and the second one provides cases and other pedagogical options to work with students.




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