Bibliography and Information on National Bioethics Committees

  • Ethics Committee Guides – UNESCO

    Guide N°1 – Establishing Bioethics Committees
    The present Guide offers the distinctive key information for establishing a Bioethics Committee. It analyzes four primary goals and four types of bioethics committees created at various government levels.

  • Guide N°2: Bioethics Committees at work: procedures and policies
    This guide offers the main mechanisms and internal policies that strengthen continuity and effectiveness of the functioning/running of the different types of (bio)ethics committees. This document invites the chairpersons and members of the four established types of committees to consider and evaluate certain procedures and policies about the pursuit of their mandates and how to better manage their function in a more efficient way.

  • Guide N°3: Educating Bioethics Committees
    This guide offers guidelines for a long-term training development that can/may lead to changing the goals, procedures and policies of the ethics committees so people can integrate what they have learned. Eventually, the committees may extend the training for coworkers from different institutions and opportunely generate a debate and productive public participation.

  • Regional Network of Bioethics National Committees

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