Thematic Areas of Action

The Nairobi Office has major programme activities in all UNESCO fields of competence (viz:
Education, Natural Science, Social and Human Sciences, Culture and Communication).
Thus, the office’s programme activities for 2010-2011 will contribute to all five overarching
objectives of UNESCO. These are:

1. Attaining quality education for all.
2. Mobilizing science, knowledge and policy for sustainable development.
3. Addressing emerging ethical challenges.
4. Fostering cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue.
5. Building inclusive knowledge societies through information and communication.

These objectives are part of the organization’s medium term strategic plan for the period 2008-2013. In addition to the various programme activities in Natural science, Education, Culture, Communication and Social and human sciences, the office also hosts programmes in statistics that assist member states to carry out policy formulation, planning and monitoring of activities
in science, education and culture.

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