HIV and AIDS: Comprehensive Education Responses

His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta at the UN Joint Programme on HIV Booth During the launch of the All In Campaign. Kenya President shaking hands with Jane Kamau, UNESCO Programmme Specialist on HIV/AIDS together with colleagues from UNAIDS, UNDP, and UNICEF ©UNESCO

Since the advent of HIV and AIDS in the early 80s in the country, the pandemic remains one of the major challenges threatening the attainment of international and national goals related to education in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. Manifestations of HIV and AIDS in the sector include an increased number of orphans, infected children and teachers.

To this end UNESCO has been instrumental in supporting Ministries of Education’s efforts in HIV and AIDS in the sector under the auspices of the EDUCAIDS framework that advocates for a comprehensive education sector response to the pandemic. In the spirit of One UN Delivering as One and in collaboration with other partners, UNESCO is taking a lead role in prevention education and focusing on four main strategic areas:

Policy framework: UNESCO as the lead agency is supporting the revision of the Education sector policy document on HIV and AIDS published in 2004. To reduce stigma and discrimination related to HIV and AIDS, UNESCO is also supporting high level consultative for key officials from Kenya Rwanda and Uganda.

Coordination:  UNESCO is promoting coordination at the provincial and district levels through the development and dissemination of district HIV and AIDS coordination guidelines.

Strategic information and Advocacy: UNESCO in partnership with other key stakeholders is supporting the rolling out of the International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education through lobbying and advocacy among Ministries of Education management, religious and traditional leaders.

Research studies: The office supports the documentation of HIV and AIDS prevention and impact mitigation activities in the Eastern Africa region.

Breaking the culture of Silence on HIV and AIDS in Universities in sub-Saharan Africa through radio diaries

The Office aims to break the culture of silence about HIV and AIDS by recording experiences of both staff and students who are living with HIV AIDS. These are produced as radio diaries to serve as an advocacy tool.

Bethzatha Orphanage and HIV and AIDS Community Resource Centre

Bethzatha Orphanage and HIV and AIDS Community Resource Centre is located in Ahero, Nyanza Province, Kenya. It is a home to 31 children between the ages of 10 and 17 and supports additional 251 children living in surrounding communities under the care of their grandparents and extended family members.

The UNESCO-Henkel partnership has enabled Bethzatha to invest in infrastructure such as access to portable water, construction of administrative quarter, dining and kitchen area and capacity building.  

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