Water Sciences


The water sciences activities at the Nairobi office for the biennium 2012-2013
are essentially based on the International Hydrological Programme, Phase VII
and its cross-cutting and associated programs. The main theme of the seven
phase of IHP (2008-2013) is “water dependencies: systems under stress and societal responses”. It covers the following themes:

  • Adapting to the impacts of global changes on river basins and aquifer systems,
  • Strengthening water governance for sustainability,
  • Eco hydrology for sustainability,
  • Water and life support systems,
  • Water education for sustainable development.

For this biennium, activities at the Nairobi office will focus on the global change impact and adaptation strategies, management of hydrological extremes (drought and floods), sustainable management of shared water resources both surface and groundwater with emphasis on arid and semi-arid areas and capacity building at all levels with a focus on decision makers. The activities will be implemented in coordination with the other multi-sectorial offices and in partnership with IHP networks in Africa, regional institutions and universities through the following initiatives:

  • FRIEND (Flow Regimes from International Experimental Network Data).
  • HELP (Hydrology, Environment, Life and Policy)
  • ISARM (Internationally Shared Aquifer Resources Management)
  • G-WADI work with AGRHYMET hosting the secretariat of G-WADI sub-Saharan Africa and the core group to run the network in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • PCCP (from potential conflict to cooperation potential)
  • IFI (International Floods Initiative)
  • IWRM (Integrated Water Resources Management).
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