22.03.2011 - UNESCO Phnom Penh

Cambodia participates at the UNESCO Interregional Asia-Arab Philosophical Dialogue Conference: Culture of Peace and Human Dignity

The conference fall within the context of a series of workshops aimed to enhance dialogues between philosophers in Asian and Arab regions to broaden intercultural communication, and strengthen the role of philosophy in public policy, and to promote the teaching of non-Western philosophies around the world.

These dialogues have been held over the past five years in Seoul, Rabat, Hiroshima, Paris, and Bangkok. In 2010 the dialogues have been held in Malacca, a site of contact between the Arab and Asian worlds for five hundred years.

The theme of the meeting for 2010 was to explore the inter-relationship between the Culture of Peace and Human Dignity, in the last year of the United Nations Decade of the Culture of Peace. Human dignity is a theme critical to international dialogue on human rights, but is often discussed without clear definition. The year 2010 is also declared as the International Year of Rapprochement of Cultures. This dialogue is intended to contribute to deeper understanding of our global understanding of this concept.

In addition to the themes of the culture and peace, there was also the consolidation of the five working groups established in the Asia-Arab Interregional Philosophical Dialogues to date, including:

  1. Challenges of globalization to philosophy and democracy;
  2. Philosophy facing the challenges of modern technology;
  3. The roles of philosophy in war and peace;
  4. Human dignity and philosophy;
  5. Philosophy and environmental ethics

While one model of dialogue is to have philosophers from different regions join together at conferences, presenting papers and then discussing the papers from different perspectives, but in this process also promotes interactive creativity such that dialogue between Arab and Asian philosophers itself will be integral to the process. Applications for joint papers that are the product of such dialogue will be considered favorably.

Abstracts of the Conference: (Two papers on the conference topic from the two Cambodian participants can be found in page 51 and page 67)

Agenda of the Conference: Please download file below for the agenda in PDF attached

2009 Asia-Arab Philosophical Dialogues on War and Peace Final Publication

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