23.09.2011 -

Education for Sustainable Development and Teacher Training in Cambodia

The National Institute of Education (NIE) and UNESCO Office Phnom Penh has organized a one-week National Workshop on Education for Sustainable Development and World Heritage Education in Young’s Hands, from 19-26 April 2011. It is a part of the pre-service teacher training program of the Institute.

The workshop invited the guest speakers and field experts from the government ministries including Education, Youth and Sports, Culture and Fine Arts, Tourism, National Research Institutes, the Royal Academy of Cambodia, universities, National Authorities on World Heritage ( APSARA Authority ), the Cambodian National Commission for UNESCO to share their valuable efforts, the insightful concepts, strategic visions and some challenges with the participants of the workshop, for the better teaching approaches and methodologies on ESD and WHE.  Almost a thousand teacher trainees from NIE had actively engaged in this workshop. Most of them are the future upper secondary teachers of various subjects, who will graduate to serve as the teachers by the end of the academic year 2011.

The workshop aims at encouraging the opportunity for all the teacher trainees of the National Institute of Education to actively interact with the experts to have further understanding about the dynamic concepts and vision of Education for Sustainable Development, the importance of promotion, conservation of cultural, natural heritages. It especially offered a participatory platform for the trainees to discuss among themselves on how to develop effective educational approaches, inspiring teaching materials and the innovative activities in order to incorporate World Heritage Education and ESD concepts, values, principles and practices into educational systems at all levels, both formal and non-formal, in particularly to review what are the effective, practical teaching activities and methods that could be shared and applied with the students.

The discussions of the workshop highlighted the inspiring and powerful roles of teachers in promoting the concepts and practices of ESD and World Heritage Education through various forms of education and training programs. It highlighted that the teachers have shouldered the responsibilities of not only passing the knowledge to students, but also shaping students’ values and attitudes and have strong impact affecting students’ behaviors. Integrating ESD and WHE in teacher education and training system is a prominent way of ensuring that our future generations will acquire adequate concepts, knowledge and skills to live a responsible and sustainable life.

As a follow up from this workshop, the National Institute of Education and UNESCO will continue working with National ESD stakeholders to discuss about developing a teacher’s guide on Education for Sustainable Development. The National Stakeholders will continue working closely with the new teachers to support the application of ESD in their teaching approaches and to document the good practices for wider sharing with the concerned stakeholders. This effort has become one of the most prominent approaches to raise the awareness of ESD among students, teachers and educators.

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