05.04.2018 -

Factory Literacy Program at Pactics Garment Factory

Pactics Cambodia is located in Siem Reap province, Sangkat Svay Damgkum, Vihean Chen Village and the factory was built around a solid set of 4 core values (Innovation, Responsibility, Collaboration, Supply Chain Management). In order to achieve these core values, Pactics has a strong commitment and responsibilities of every aspects of its work as such Pactics provides training and education, health and safety, clean water for drinking, child care, safety first for trip to work, financial literacy, learn English, sport and leisure activities.

Pactics is proud to organize the literacy program that can improve its employees in both work and life skill. The literacy class started on 3 January 2017 with 30 workers with different times. The class activities included group discussion, games, reflection, practice and final test for completion.

Pactics provided the certificate for employees who participated in the voluntary pilot classes. The manger, committee members and teachers of Pactics are very happy to see many employees passed the official government exam in 2017. Martijn, General Manager at Pactics, presented the certificate to all completed learners.

After the pilot classes, Pactics continues, the literacy class in 2018 by do an announcement all the illiteracy in our company who wanted to improve more on educations with Khmer reading / writing and basic of mathematics.

Now, Pactics received 25 employees who wanted to participate in literacy class. They started the new classes on Monday, 19 February 2018, and  planned to finish this class in the end of October 2018. Thanks to MoEYs for accepting all document that Pactics submitted and request to process this program and Unesco, Sipar and CWPD who support and provide all the material for running literacy class in Pactics.

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